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Why You Should Consider A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) – is growing in popularity nowadays, after all it is considered a great way to save thousands of dollars when you plan to sell your property. Typically, hiring a realtor means you will be paying the standard commission rate of about 6% or $15,000 for a $250,000 property. You may be thinking that by doing the sale on your own, you can skip paying high prices. Here are some of the most basic reasons why you should reconsider.

Dealing With Buyer’s Agents Can Be Difficult

In the event of a For Sale By Owner scenario, you may find yourself working directly with the buyer’s agent. This can mean a lot of problems because most of the time, real estate agents prefer to work with another professional. Sometimes, when clients want to see your property, realtors will discourage them simply because there is no professional in their same field to close the deal.

In a statement by a Palm Beach real estate expert, a FSBO only becomes an option when there are no other properties available or when the price is very low. Tenured real estate brokers know that they will not be receiving any commission when the sale is done, so they try to avoid FSBO as much as possible.

You Can Easily Become Emotional During The Sale

Fact is, selling a home is not just financial but also emotional process. Hiring a real estate agent means you will less likely commit unnecessary mistakes during the sale. Some common mistakes that owners do during a sale are, refusing to counter offers that are too low, overpricing, under pricing, or giving in too easily when there is a deadline.

Real estate agents, can follow up on possible deals because it is their full time jobs. Communication is every important when it comes to selling a home, because it involves a major financial leap. A real estate agent will ensure that these needs are covered in a timely and professional way.

Real Estate Agents Have Huge Markets

These days, you can list your home on the market through websites, but it may not be sufficient to sell your home fast. Real estate agents have a huge market network of agents, clients, brokers, and even contractors that can help ensure a fast but fair deal. Take note, when you have a small pool of potential buyers, you may end up losing a good deal. A small number of interested people means your property is not really in demand. Real estate agents have very wide experience in making sure your property holds its value from throughout the process of the sale.