Geeks Chicago Launches New App Design Services in Answer to Surging Mobile Trend


(Schaumburg, Illinois)– Online marketing statistics released for 2016 indicate mobile searches will continue to surge during the coming months. Though an estimated 90 percent of Americans now own smartphones, tablet sales are quickly gaining ground and projected to surpass the current market leader by year’s end. Hopes of cashing in on this growing segment of the market has a number of businesses scrambling to make vital changes in their websites. This new development comes as no surprise to website design firm Geeks Chicago ( whose staff has watched the digital world take shape since the initial dot com explosion of the late 1990’s.

In light of the surging mobile trend, spokesperson Mark Tuchscherer has launched the company’s newly extended line of app development services. Said Tuchscherer, “The mobile movement gives consumers an unprecedented level of convenience and freedom, but it has also created an array of new opportunities for businesses. Catering to mobile device users has become as important as creating an online presence given the fact most people now spend an average of 30 hours each month on their phones and tablets. Our app development services allow customers to tap into this growing market and use it to their utmost advantage.”

Recently conducted surveys reveal almost half of device users abandon websites lacking mobile optimization. Aside from lack of functionality, online shoppers list inability to make purchases via their mobile devices as a common drawback among websites with which they have chosen not to do business. On the other hand, 70 percent of consumers report making purchases within an hour of reaching optimized sites with an 80 percent overall conversion rate. In regard to research, smartphone users currently prefer apps to browsers, the benefits of which are discussed further at

Reports also point out almost 75 percent of consumers now watch videos pertaining to searches from their smartphones and tablets with more than 90 percent of viewers opting share video via social media. From another angle, an estimated 35 percent of consumers now rate products, services and businesses using mobile devices. While business owners are aware of the potential benefits of mobile apps and responsive web design, those currently not implementing these elements in their online presence classify cost and content management difficulty as their primary justifications. More information on website development options is available through

Tuchscherer concluded, “What sets us apart from others in our industry is pretty simple: we’ll work harder to earn clients’ trust. We know there are a lot of digital shops out there, so we’re dedicated to offering a big agency level of service at a little guy rate. Our team has the skills and experience to handle even the most complicated projects, but we’re flexible enough to cater to any budget and level of need. We encourage area businesses to contact us for a free consultation and to let us explain how we can help them succeed by doing what we love.”

About Geeks Chicago:

A rapidly growing company, Geeks Chicago consists of a team of professional web designers and developers who love all things digital. Their wide-ranging expertise and flexible services make them the perfect team to handle any type of project for businesses in all industries.


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Taking Your Internet Marketing Campaign To a Higher League with Responsive Web Design Services

Looking several years back, you will find that the internet in those days were only used to be able to find different kinds of information and that was the biggest benefit you will be able to get out of it but when you look at the internet now, you will see that it is now considered to be one of the biggest tools in marketing. Because of this, you will also see that the number of devices that are now increasing at a great rate. Among other things, you will also find that business are capitalizing on these opportunities and making use of websites in order to be able to have more visibility when it comes to reaching their target market. Thanks to the internet, these businesses have found a way for them to be able to show their services, products and other offerings through websites of their own. One of the things you should know when it comes to internet marketing is that you need a responsive web design if you are looking to be able to get the attention of your target market and be able to save money at the same time. Here are facts that you should be made aware of in this matter.

Visitors usually leave pages that takes more than three seconds to load. This is very important especially for those who are trying to access your page through their mobile phone. You also need to know that the percentage of websites that are able to get response from visitors is less than forty percent. More importantly, the businesses that made use of responsive web design have been able to gain more in their sales.

This clearly shows that your internet marketing can reach a new league when you make use of responsive web design. So, if you are looking to be able to improve your business through the internet, this is the best way of doing it. You will find more reasons to go for responsive web design here.

Being able to save a good amount of money is one of the biggest benefits you will be able to get from this. A responsive web design is the only thing you need in your marketing efforts for your business unlike other marketing efforts. In sustaining your business, that alone is considered to be economical.

Since you have a lot of competition in the market, this will allow you to gain competitive advantage to be able to stay ahead of them. With the competitive advantage you have, more customers will come and do business with you. And more importantly, it requires minimal effort in its maintenance.


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Internet Marketing: Know Why Your Business Should Make Use of Such Effective Marketing Strategy

In our latest trend today, the need to be a part of the online community and to develop online presence is important, reason why you should consider implementing an effective internet marketing plan, as well as get to know more about it prior to get a better understanding on the ins and outs. To help you accordingly, we will be taking a deeper discussion about what internet marketing really is and how can they be used to maximize its use to your business’ needs and gaps.

There will still be a number of individuals, specifically business owners, who, just encountered such term or perhaps they already have heard of such term but really does not know much about it and for those people, internet marketing actually is the same as the marketing that you know, but only done online. There really is a number of great things that one should get if they are to make use of internet marketing strategy because generally speaking, you will be able to secure that you can target a huge number of audiences as well as secure a great area.

Another thing to note about this type of marketing strategy is that the amount of money that you will be spending is way cheaper than the other known marketing strategies, with the security that you will be able to see results, how fast will be depending on a number of factors. Technically speaking, the more often you run the campaign and depending on what type of method you use will be how much will the entire project will cost. You may also choose to follow a number of traditional ways to market services or products but if you are to compare the capabilities of which with today’s internet marketing, you should be able to see a number of difference, where, today’s internet marketing methods should be in the upper hand.

There will also be a number of internet marketing strategies that you could find and to name them, they should include video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, pay per click marketing, as well as search engine marketing.

Keep in mind that this type of method is very much different to that of a social media marketing method because this is targeted to everything that you can find in the internet, where social media marketing only is targeted to market in social media websites.

You will surely get to see a number of internet marketing strategies and one of the most effective one that is being used by a large number of people in the business is search engine optimization.


Why People Think Locks Are A Good Idea

What Mobile Locksmiths Can Do for You

Mobile locksmiths are actually working from their vehicles. This means that they have a van with all the equipment needed to pick a lock, anywhere and of any type. Also, there is a professional in the van who doesn’t work. You must need to have a number to call them and then they will come to the place where you like them.

At present, this kind of locksmith has been on the increase, because in such type, a person is not bound at one place and may move all about the city and to some it seems more profitable way to live. You may ask that if you can find locksmiths who can do private work and they have shops, then what can the mobile locksmiths do.

There are many advantages that you can really get from these locksmiths. Each week, you may call them at any hour of the day because they operate 24 hours everyday and those that work in the shops are not offering late night services and the person can be in trouble at night and one must call for someone to provide assistance. When you are in this kind of situation, then the mobile locksmiths are the best individuals that you can trust. There are so many locksmiths that you can certainly contact when there is a problem that arises.

These locksmiths can carry everything in their van if they must open a lock and thus they don’t have to rush back to their shop if they forget something or when they need some unique tools for opening the door. This means that the van of the mobile locksmith functions as a moving shop and they can being work anywhere without any hassle at all.

If you suddenly break the car keys or have lost them and the nearest locksmith is far away or they don’t know where you might find one. You can call the locksmiths and they will visit your place and they can then make a car key in just a few minutes. In the same way, if you move a new place and you are clueless which locksmith to contact, then you can get the help that you need.

When you have lost the keys and you are worried that someone would break in if you look for the locksmith to change the locks, so you can call mobile locksmiths to come to your place. They are going to change the lock for you and they can alleviate your fear that someone can break in with your keys while you were fetching a locksmith. Therefore, there are several advantages of utilizing the services of the mobile locksmith are they are available 24/7 and can help you out of most lockout situations through providing instant services.

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Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Websites? This May Help

People Use Windows Hosting In Australia: Why?

Today, there are now so many hosting services that is being done worldwide. But nothing would compare to the popularity of windows hosting. Windows is popular because of its reliability and there are just so much thing you can do with it. It started from windows NT which was then later developed to a more advanced stage that people have really bought into, the windows XP. Windows has given people who connects to the internet for businesses before a great advantage especially if you are inclined to the internet and became the most powerful tool for anything that is related to the dawn of the internet age.

If you are looking for a great Windows hosting services, then you’re in luck because Australia offers so much more for the upgrade of your life. Windows has already provided different programs and software and one of the best thing that you can get from them is when you are planning to make your own website using their application.

For most people that do not see the relevance of choosing windows hosting for their website or web businesses here’s why. Today, there are so many people that uses Windows and Microsoft applications and programs and they are very much compatible to a website that uses windows hosting. It is much easier for a windows user to enter a website hosted by Windows because of the same language that they are made from.

Windows hosting Australia is one of the most sought for web hosting around the world and many businesses really choose Windows hosting over the other companies. There are wide variety of services that people can easily choose especially when they have chosen Windows for hosting their website. The main two web hosting services that Windows are offering to people in a low cost are:

Dedicated Web Host

Dedicated hosting is where your website utilize the full server only for itself, this is most common to larger websites and larger businesses.

Shared web hosting

For some that are just starting out in making their website, this would be the right one to choose from because they can easily share on the server’s capacity. For most people that are still testing out how it is to have their own website, this would be the right choice for them.

One can really see that Windows Hosting Australia can give people what their need and what they want in their website especially for business ones.

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The Ultimate Guide to Manuals

Need an Auto Repair Manual?

Now you don’t need to crack your head on how to repair your vehicle because you can download auto repair manuals easily on websites that offer auto repair service manuals or manuals that show how to repair certain parts of your vehicle. There are many downloadable auto repair manuals in tradebit which you can get for an affordable price.

There are a lot of auto service manuals available that will help you in your needs, and all you need to do is to search the site for it. These auto repair manuals can help you with your car problems today.

You need to know first what type of manual you are looking for. There are many kinds of auto service manuals that are available for download. You may be looking for repair manuals, general manuals, diagnosis descriptions, or maintenance manuals. When you search the website you need to be sure on the type of manual you are looking for. Narrowing your search can make it a lot easier for you. Finding the manual right away is possible on your next visit to the site. You can search for the particular make and model as well as the year of the vehicle you wish to repair.

Repair manuals will be able to give you details of how to repair your car parts. Exhaust repair, body repaid, engine repair, interior repair, and other kinds of part repairs can be looked up in your search. If you search for general manuals, they are the type similar to repair manuals but are not related to any specific make and model of car. What they discuss are repairs in general which you can apply to all cars.

If you are looking at diagnosing by make and model or diagnosing specific types of auto repairs, then you can get manuals on diagnosis descriptions. These focus on specific vehicle areas where repairs are similar for all types of cars. The categorization can also be through the sounds the vehicle makes that indicate that something is wrong.

Knowing the different kinds of manuals that are available for the seeker will make you better prepared to make your search for an online auto repair manual. Make sure to bookmark the site so that you can always come back to it later when needed.

It is amazing the number of great manuals that can be downloaded from this site for a small amount. You don’t have to wait for weeks to contact the manufacturer for a guide when you can download them from an online site. When you get your auto repair manual you can get right to your repairs when you are ready.


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Why You Should Use Tradebit

There are different online platforms in which people sell items. Businesses have developed as a result. As a result, many sites have been created to enable people buy and sell products. This makes it easy for people to find a wide range of products. Tradebit is one of the platforms where content is sold. They allow for sale of downloadable content. Such include articles, movies and books. People all over the world use it. This has increased its popularity.

Many advantages are derived from the use of this site. One of the most important advantages it offers is security of the content. Once people upload their content, it is not interfered with. The content is first paid for by those who want to view them. The products sold are therefore paid for in time. There are accounts into which the products are kept safe. There is also no theft of the content uploaded.
There are many clients available in this site. This is because the site is available on the internet from all places in the world. From any place, people can access the products. People therefore get a wide range of content. Quality products are attained as a result of increased competition. The sale of products will also be easy. Selling and advertisement of products becomes easy.

When trading on tradebit, there are no limits on the amount of products that people buy and sell. People get to buy very many products they desire. Buyers get to buy anything they want. People also get the products when they want to. Those selling content on the site also get to make large profit margins. Carrying on with businesses is also made possible. There is also fast growth of the business.

The site is also flexible. At any time of the day; the products can be purchased. As soon as people pay for their products, they get to download them. There will be no need to walk around stores in search of products. They can as well purchase the products from their homes. No hidden costs are charged. People need only the stated prices of the products offered.

The site has as well created employment for many people. There are web designers employed to monitor the functioning of the site. Money is thus acquired from the sale of articles by those with articles to sell. There is thus development as people get a source of income.

Tradebit is also used as an online marketing platform. There is cheap selling of products online by this site. Friends can be referred to the site by those who have gained access to it. This is advantageous to businesses as there will be no extra costs incurred for the sale of products.


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Finding The Right Repair Manuals for Cars

No one could ever deny the fact that people are trying their best to find ways on how they get their own cars. Cars nowadays are considered as important investments people would ever have in this world. One thing that you need to know is that cars are the tools that people use for them to travel to far places. There is no need for people to commute every single day when they get themselves a car that they can drive around.

As you begin using your car, it is common for you to encounter some problems as you begin to drive your own car. In order for you to avoid such problems to happen along the way, you will have to repair the damage your car is experiencing. Since the technology of cars had been advancing nowadays, the process of repairing vehicles had begin to change drastically. With the new techniques introduced in car repair, identifying the possible problem cars are experiencing can be a very daunting task. You need to bear in mind that making yourself updated with what is going on in the field of car repair will help you know what you should be doing by now. Since many car owners are very curious about how they should fix their cars, online car repair manuals are there to help them out.

Online car repair manuals are helpful tools to give car owners information on how they should repair the vehicles that they have. As long as you have an internet connection, you can always get hold of an online car repair manual to help you with the things you need in the process. You need to consider that using online car repair manuals can bring you benefits you might have never expected to have.

If you happen to forget some essential parts in the process of repairing a car, you would need to use online repair manuals for cars to keep you guided along the way. Finding online repair manuals for cars is easy if you get to visit Tradebit. Tradebit is the website where people can go if they want to download online repair manuals for cars.

Online car repair manuals are made to introduce to car owners effective methods on how they could deal with the issues their cars are facing.

By using online car repair manuals, you can easily maintain the operations of your cars all the time.

With online car repair manuals, technical service bulletins are introduced to people to provide the right methods on repairing cars. When technical service bulletins are around, diagnosis of the problems of your cars had been very easy. If you want to make sure that your car is functioning well, you will need to hire the services of an online car repair manual.


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What Are The Benefits You Can Get From Tradebit?

Tradebit is the marketplace to go if you are looking for downloaded materials or if you want to sell it. If you are looking for ebooks, software, and music, you can check out Tradebit. If you are a musician selling music or just a plain seller who wanted to sell your downloads, then you can go to Tradebit. f you are a net marketer who wants to make cash , Tradebit can help you. There are still a lot of people who haven’t heard about Tradebit yet.

Tradebit holds a good market place and their net authority can create cash in three ways. One way to make cash is through selling downloads, secondly is with affiliate marketing and through this you can be able to sell a wide variety of products.

If people wants to buy products, they can download it instantly, that is the advantage of Tradebit. People can just pay a little amount for a card they can give their mom for a special occasion. Tradebit is known for its excellent aftermarket service. If you are dissatisfied with a particular product that you purchased, Tradebit will refund your money, no questions asked.

If you want to earn extra money, you can sell ebooks. In Tradebit, those ebooks that are just piling up inside your computer can be a source of money. So if you want extra cash then it’s time to part ways with those ebooks that you have already read. Just remember to describe your ebooks well so that it will sell quickly.

Illegal products are not allowed in Tradebit despite the open trade. The the sender will get back their cash if you sold them illegal products. Duplicate contents are also not allowed in Tradebit. Just follow this simple rules and you will have good cash.

Just give out $4.95 from your PayPal account and you can now make your very own account in Tradebit. You will be paying jut a single fee. Under Tradebit, you can now have a sub domain which is in exchange for the money that you have paid.

If you have your account ready, then you now post the items that you want to sell. One of the known advantages of Tradebit is the heavy traffic it creates which in turn means more money received. The search results of Tradebit in Google is excellent. To make use of this advantage, it is advised to have a rich description of your product for you to have a high score in Google. If you will be able to sell your products, it will accumulate in your Tradebit account and you will pay weekly via PayPal. Because of the high number of cash flow, Tradebit is now seeking for other forms of cash transfer.


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Why You Need Quality Web Design

Often times, several benefits of quality web design are undermined. Since our world is becoming more and more digital and technology centered, having quality web design is crucial. It holds a vital role in the success of a business. Growing the online presence of your business starts with having quality web design and integrating it to your business plan. Quality web design is often misconstrued as a difficult thing to implement but in reality, it is really quite helpful.

Having quality website actually helps you in attracting people to your business, which helps its growth. Customers will simply ignore your business when it is not well established or clearly visible. This is a situation that quality web design can avoid. There will be an increase in your business’ presence when you have quality web design since it increases your site’s traffic. Acquiring quality web design proves the legitimacy of any reputable brand.

Having quality web design is also an opportunity to implement new marketing strategies and not to mention, quite inexpensive. Utilizing your site for promotions is a great alternative to other marketing strategies that can cost you a lot of money. Most web design companies are inexpensive but there are a few who might over charge you in exchange of quality web design. Budget is then something to take into consideration when looking for a service provider and it is also helpful if you are keen on on an image you have in mind for your site.

Having a website seems to be impractical for some people since they have an impression that it is difficult to manage. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually quite easy to navigate. Of course, you will need to take some time in getting familiar with the interface but after that, everything will be seamless. If you would like, you can get in touch with companies that offer these service so that they may perform the tasks of setting the site up and its maintenance for you.

Since technology is rapidly changing, make sure you seek the help of a professional that knows what is going on in the present. It pays to have a site that is working properly and has quality web design that is modern and relevant. Unnecessary repairs and troubleshooting will be avoided when you get an excellent provider, which also allows you to save money.

If you are looking to make your brand’s image more professional, then you must make proper web design a priority. Without a doubt, a business with a bad web design will leave audience unimpressed, if not repulsed.

You need not worry about finding quality web design as it is relatively easy to find. It would be great if you have an idea of what you want your site to look like. It is also okay if you don’t, since you can always avail of services in improving the overall quality of your web design!

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