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Milenatango Insurance Guide tells you all about which insurance policies are good for you for a specified period of time. The duration of the policies may range from one year to ten years or even forty years. Generally, everyone needs life insurance unless they manage to pile up savings.

Term life insurance policies have the maximum issue age; it may become difficult if you pass the age of eighty. Milenatango Life Insurance Guide will also explain about the kinds of insurance policies that are available for you. There are two major kinds of policies. One is annual renewable term which gives one year full of coverage and the other is level premium term which could be bought for a specific period and it may range from five to twenty years.

Annual renewable life insurance term will generally have the lowest premium on an annual basis but the premium will rise as a person ages. People go for this type of policy if their main concern is to keep the cost of premiums down. Level premium policies will allow you to lock in the amount of the premium for a specified period. The annual premium does not change from the first year onwards till the end of the policy life. This could be a smart way to protect you from an increase in the premium amount.

The cost of a life insurance policy will be based on your health, your age and the amount of death benefit fixed by you. If you are young and healthy, your premium is bound to be low.

Whole life insurance policies are a kind of permanent insurance that combine life cover with investment funds. These are policies that pay a fixed and stated amount at the time of the policy holder’s death. Part of the premium that you pay every year will go towards building up of cash value from the investments that are made by the company insuring you. Every year that you maintain the policy, cash values build up and they are tax deferred.

Universal life insurance is also a kind of permanent policy which combines term insurance with an investment fund from the money market with a rate of return. These types of policies do not guarantee a fixed rate of return. Variable universal life policies are permanent policies that are tied o investment funds or to stocks, bonds or mutual funds and their returns are also not guaranteed.

Milenatango Insurance Guide takes the mystery out of life insurance policies and allows you to compare various policies so that you find the ideal deal.